How does this Arabic language training programme work?

Learn Arabic For Work helps you grasp the Arabic language for the modern world in 40 to 70 days (lessons) with tried and true methods and live digital lessons!

Will you be fluent after 40 days of training? No way! When it comes to languages, it’s practice, practice, practice. Expand your vocabulary, listen, speak, comprehend, and practice!

The 40~ day live training is designed to help you grasp sentence structure, and understand basic cornerstone grammar to help you smartly construct your own sentences.

From there onwards, you the student can choose to continue with the next phase of training, or choose to go your own route of self-study with the recommmended reading material that we’ll refer you to.

The following phase of training will include an advanced training of Arabic comprehension to help you towards your goal of mastering the Arabic language.

Prior to the 40 day course, for those who do not know how to read/write Arabic letters, or basic words, a foundational training programme is in place to get you up to speed, and ready to attend the 40 day crash course.

Ready to begin?

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You’re invited to also attend the live webinar to understand the roadmap we’ve got planned for you.

We welcome your questions so drop us a message!