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Learn Arabic For Work is here to help you on your journey in mastering the Arabic language. Modern, Standard, Professional Arabic.

Learn Arabic For Work helps you grasp the Arabic language for the modern world in 40 to 90 days (lessons) with tried and true methods and live physical/digital lessons!

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The Learn Arabic online course is designed to help you master critical components of the Arabic language, and is designed to make it easy for you to grasp the language, and form your own intelligent sentences.

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On successfully completing a course, and taking an examination, you will be eligible to earn a Certificate of Achievement and an Academic Transcript.

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Upskill your conversational & language skills by learning to speak Arabic, and let employees know that you've got an upgraded and useful toolbox of language for work or study.

For Understanding the Qur'an

Become better at understanding the Qur'aan and contemplating it's meanings. The Arabic we teach you can be classified as Modern Standard Arabic, Classical Arabic, or known as Al Fusha.

How do you say “myself” in Arabic?

The word “myself” in English, loosely translated into Arabic, would be “nafsee” or “nafsii” or spelt in Arabic: “نفسي”. If you remove the letter “ya” at the end, it makes the word “nafs” or “nafsun”. Which means simply “self”. So adding the “ya” gives it the ownership to the person speaking. Adding the “ya” at […]

Learning Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers

You’re probably here because you’re wondering how to get started learning Arabic as a non Arabic speaker. And if you’re like many of the other beginners of the Arabic language, you’re wondering how to go from zero to speaking like a native! Well! That’s a fantastic goal to have. Be it you learning the language […]

Is it possible to teach myself Arabic?

Is it possible to teach yourself Arabic? Definitely! With a treasure trove of resources available online whether it be on LearnArabic.com, LearnArabicForWork.com, YouTube, or Duolingo, or the various other sites that help you self-study. However, is this an effective way? Having a teacher guide you along the way at least for the beginning can be […]

The Arabic language is for today, tomorrow, and yesterday.

The Arabic language is a language of culture, tradition, it’s a language of scholars, of history, and global opportunity; And over 370 million people globally said to speak the tongue. With much of the Arab world moving mountains, opportunity in the Arab world is blooming. So learn Arabic. And expand your horizon of possibilities. The […]

Arabic Online Course

Arabic is a beautiful historical language. And if it earned your curiosity, and wet your appetite that’s truly wonderful. Here, our Arabic online course is designed to help young academic level students, or more senior established executives from operational level to management level, to learn and master crucial levels of the Arabic language within 90 […]

Can I learn Arabic in 2 years?

Well, the answer is- yes of course! Arabic is a super easy language to learn despite what you might be thinking or hearing from others. But how easy is it, depends a lot on who’s teaching, how you’re learning, and how well you practice it. Here at LearnArabicForWork, we teach you professional Modern Standard Arabic. […]

How do you say “Sorry, I don’t speak Arabic” in Arabic?

“ma fee Arabi” is a very popular informal way that we’ve heard non-Arabs say, when they want to convey that they don’t speak Arabic. While this will pretty much get the message across, one of the much more correct ways of saying that you don’t speak Arabic, is to say:  “انا اسف انا لا اتكلم […]