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Can I learn Arabic in 2 years?

Well, the answer is- yes of course! Arabic is a super easy language to learn despite what you might be thinking or hearing from others. But how easy is it, depends a lot on who’s teaching, how you’re learning, and how well you practice it.

Here at LearnArabicForWork, we teach you professional Modern Standard Arabic. And so does a lot of other great people. However, what’s quite interesting is that our teaching style is crafted specially for those looking to learn Arabic for business, quickly but effectively. Further more, the teaching methods at LearnArabicForWork are extracted from the well established teaching material used in the University of Madinah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

So can you learn Arabic in 2 years? Well, LearnArabicForWork is designed to submerge you into Arabic in way less than 2 years. within about 45 to 90 days/lessons, with an intelligent learning program that’ll help you grasp sentence structure, and help you intelligently construct sentences.

After the 90~ day program, we’re sure insha Allah that your level of Arabic will be at an incredible level.

What you’ll need a lot from there on-wards is vocabulary, and practice!

You should get started. If not with us, with someone else at least. Because Arabic, is a must-learn language. You must learn it. And we’re pretty sure you’ll love it.

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