Learn Arabic For Work

Is it possible to teach myself Arabic?

Is it possible to teach yourself Arabic? Definitely! With a treasure trove of resources available online whether it be on LearnArabic.com, LearnArabicForWork.com, YouTube, or Duolingo, or the various other sites that help you self-study.

However, is this an effective way?

Having a teacher guide you along the way at least for the beginning can be a wise start to your journey. Learning a language isn’t after all like learning how to ride a bike. A language flows with history, with culture, and with people, so the perhaps the better way of learning would be to attend live lessons in person, or even online with a qualified teacher/guide to help you advance faster and smarter.

Teacher or no teacher, get started learning Arabic by yourself today.

Do this by first learning the alphabet, then the sounds they make.

Since you’re planning on self-learning, LearnArabic.com and Duolingo have an interesting kind-of-gamified style of learning, which can be a great start forward.

To learn with a tutor, we’re more than happy to help!

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